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& Development

TFE is constantly looking into developing more efficient and sustainable technologies for the Green Energy Market.
It is well known for it’s patented front-end products and concepts.

TFE Energy™ Biogas Reactor – POME

TFE Anaerobic Biogas Reactor for POMEis a proven technology for producing biogas from waste biomass and COD.

The plant is designed with ease of operation in mind.

Performance factors:
  • Quality of seed sludge
  • pH
  • Nutrients
  • Presence of toxic compounds
  • Loading rate
  • Hydraulic Retention Time,
  • Sludge age
  • Bacteria growth rate in sludge bed.

Sludge Composition

    TFE bioreactor designed to operate at wide range of sludge age composition in terms of:

  • Volatile suspended solids (VSS)
  • Total solids (TS)
  • Total fixed solids (TFS)
  • Contents of POME feedstock.

Our reactor shows economic performance at psychrophilic (>17oC), mesophilic (17-36oC) and thermophilic (36-70oC) conditions with a wide range of VSS and MLSS quality.

  • Feedstock feed pump
  • Sludge collection outlet
  • Sludge recycling device.
Optimization & Control

Operations optimization control is one of the main strength of TFE bioreactor, which includes:

  • Monitoring and control of pH
  • Automatic Upflow velocity optimization
  • Temperature sensor
  • Gas and water production monitoring
  • VSS concentration Monitoring
  • Hydraulic retention time (HRT) monitoring devices
  • For optimization of biogas production, VSS/CN ratio is maintained with required sludge age.
Performance & Characteristics

The TFE Biogas Reactor technology is designed to operate at highest efficiency by adjusting required operating parameters. At mesophilic temperature in tropical environment, performance is maintained by using waste tropical biomass like pineapple, jackfruit, banana and similar other waste.

TFE Energy™ Micro Hydro Turbine

TFE’s patented micro hydro turbine is one the most efficient currently available in the market.

It’s remarkable low rpm performance makes it stand out, as it can generate electricity in low velocity streams as well as in turbulent water bodies.

The mircro hydro turbine system can be used for main supply and for assisting grid/generator depending on the water velocity and other conditions.